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Ready to heat and serve for your dining pleasure!

Pasta Possibilities

Stuffed shells with Italian Sausage & Beef Sauce

Mile High Lasagna w/Roasted Vegetables or Beef Sauce

White Cheese Lasagna w/Spinach, Ricotta & Fontina Cheese

Italian Style or Plain Macaroni & Cheese

Comfort Cravers’s Pasta Casserole

Printempts Lasagna w/Leeks – SURPRISE the Leeks are the Noodles!

A Plethora of Poultry*

Chicken or Turkey Divan

Roasted Hens or Small Fryers w/Kiwi & Strawberry Jelly

Chicken Breasts w/Lemons, Capers & Lillet

Ginger & Sesame Glazed Chicken

Chicken w/Red & Yellow Peppers & Maderia Wine

Coq au Vin


Grilled Tofu w/Tamari glazed fruit

Tunisian Couscous w/Roasted Root Vegetables

Kasha & Bow Tie Noodles w/Wild Mushrooms

Pad Thai with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Southwestern Black Bean Casserole

Sassy Salads

Mandarin Orange & Strawberry Romaine Salad w/Cassis Vinaigrette

Garden Salad w/Old Fashioned French or Three Onion Vinaigrette

*We offer brown or basmati rice & seasonal plain or flavored vegetables

Riley to the Rescue Favorite Desserts

Chocolate Fudge Mousse Cake w/Bailey’s Whipped Cream

The Best Cheesecake topped w/Vanilla-scented Whipped Cream

Chocolate Kahlua Whooper’s (cookies)

Almond & Raspberry Birthday Cake w/Amaretto Buttercream

To fill your order and your tummies call 617-354-1650!